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Re: IRS Lien Removal
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I pulled my scores on 6/3, before the lien was withdrawn, and they were


TransUnion 719

Equifax 710


I pulled my scores today, 8/3 


TransUnion 726

Equifax 707


So TransUnion improved, while Equifax went down.


The differences:


- Equifax has an inquiry from my credit union auto loan refinance in December, and TransUnion doesn't.


+ Equifax shows only my Ch 7 bankruptcy from 1/2004, while TransUnion shows the bankruptcy and a 2003 IRS tax lien released in 2008 (this is the one that I couldn't get withdrawn).


Otherwise, the reports are mostly identical.


The house I have been renting for the last year went into foreclosure in December. The bank finally took the property last week, and now I'm going to try and purchase it. I hope I can get a mortgage with a decent rate.