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Re: IRS Lien Removal

I have been following this thread here,  and on the other board. I also am in the middle of this process. For me, the IRS was the easiest part. I got the withdrawal letter from the IRS and sent it CMRRR to the 3 CRA's about 10 days ago. TU removed it the other day, EQ is treating it as a dispute and nothing heard from EX yet. I think it will just take some time (2 more weeks) if the other examples here are accurate. 


As far as scores rising due to tax lien removal, they say that these things matter less as the age so the points may not "pile up".... However, it's my definate understanding that the HUGE ISSUE tax lien wise is simply having them on your report(s)!!! From what I have read, a lender taking a quick look will just see "Public Record" ====== BAD.


  Paid or satisfied or released or obviously open or unpaid might all mean the same thing in a screwy sort of way. Therefore, just getting them the hell off your report is really good, even if your numbers don't skyrocket... Just saying....

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