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Santander Repossession Removal, 21 point gain!

Went to my TrueCredit today and was shocked that Santander removed my repossession completely!


Without going into huge detail, I had a voluntary repo with Citi finance in 2009, Santander bought them out, and I had to work with Santander to get my repo coded correctly (they had it listed as settled less than full, I negotiated settled in full with Citi). They were a huge pain, and it took about 20 letters and emails but I was able to get them to agree to something better than settled less than full, which was Paid in Full Closed.


My last letter from Santander indicated they would agree to change the coding to paid in full, so I wrote them a good will asking for the removal instead. The letter came on June 21st, I GWed them on August 7th. Flash fforward to today, I checked the TrueCredit and it was gone. Purchased my Tri-Merged for 9 bucks, and it had also been removed from Experian and Equifax.


Came on to myFico, purchased my TU score and it went up 21 points! This is the biggest single jump I have received from removal of something.  I am stoked!


For those who don't believe in the power of persistance, and in the advice of those on this forum, I am living proof of how fast it can turn around. On October 31st, 2010, I had 20 derogs listed on my Transunion report (TrueCredit keeps your first purchased report) -- In 10 months, I have removed 16 of them.


Wow, this one feels great haha




Starting FICO Score: 10/10: TU 498 | EQ: 502 Current FICO Score(lender pull): 09/14: TU: 784 | EQ: 752 | EX: 784
Collections Removed: Hunter Warfield, CBE Group, Merchants Credit Guide, EOS-CCA, Enhanced Recovery, Portfolio Recovery, UCB, American Collection Company, Medical Business Bureau, Jefferson Capital, Credit Portfolio Associates, FCO, LVNV, Convergent, Armor Systems
Other Negative Entries Removed:Plains Commerce CO, HSBC CO, 2008 Judgment Santander Reposession

Positive Accounts:10/10: 0 | 07/12: 6 | Mortgage Closed 5/12, Macy's AMEX $13900, Citi/Home Depot $8500, Capital One Cash Rewards $3500, BOA $7500 Total Utilization: 3%. AAoA: 2yr, 9mth. INQS: 1 TU, 1 EQ, 3 EX