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Re: IRS Lien Removal

hardworker77 wrote:

Mailed my IRS withdrawal papers on July 25 certified and got a letter today dated Aug 1 that they would notify the courthouse about the withdrawal. But they left out the Form 10916(c)- to show that they approved it. I guess I'll wait a couple of days and dispute with the CB's. I can't believe they left it out. Oh well at least it's going to be deleted. Maybe I'll gain a few points Smiley Happy

The letter I got from the IRS was accompanied by the form 10919(c). The letter had a name and telephoe number of the IRS agent who wrote the letter saying the lien was being withdrawn and to call if I had any issues. Call that number and person if its on your lettter... If not, in order to have mailed your original request to the IRS for withdrawal, you had to look up what regional office to send it to, that office had a telephone number next to the address, call 'im up.


IIMHO, you problem might be the lack of the form accompanying you request to the CRA's for lien removal... if I read you correctly, maybe I misunderstood something since I am new at this also...

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