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Re: Induction's guide to finding important company contacts.

Great Post!  Good information.  I'm going to bookmark it and refer this post to others needing to get their bearings in the world of GW'sI.


Hey so, what's your advice on GW'ing a local CA?  I have 2 local CA's reporting medical collections that are paid.  I've begged, pleaded, cried.  Both of them REFUSE to budge using the ol "We must protect the integrity of the report" line.  I have written GW letter after GW letter.  One GW letter was SO AMAZING I had the City Manager call the CA to tell them to remove the account, and the CA told them NO!  You'd think the CA would want to continue good business with the City.   The City manager was pretty PO'd that they wouldn't help me.  The other CA says they are continuing to report because "their clients" want them to.


  There is no one else for me to write to.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

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