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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)


aleicgrant wrote:

I have an email to share but I can tell you I had no success. I was asking for them to remove one 30 day late from an account that has been paid on time for 7 years and they wouldnt do it. There line is they have to report to the CR with valid information and by asking them to essentially falsify that information is a reason they wont do it.

They will be happy to tell you they will accept good will request but will give you the canned response as to why they wont GW.


This comes directly from the CEO's exec customer care office


I have given up.

Don't give up. I've been beating my head against the HSBC wall for almost a year now and I got the same response every time. (See my last post a little farther up this same page). I made it to the CEO's office too and was told flat out by one of the executive assistants there was absolutely nothing they could do. This was on two 30-day lates that happened 3 1/2 years ago when I was in the hospital with cancer. They would not budge. I kept sending letters anyway and emailed every contact I could find. About two weeks ago, I got another call from the CEO's office saying that their policy had not changed since the last time they'd spoken with me and they would not be removing the lates.


The very next day, the lates disappeared from my credit reports. SOMEONE changed their mind.


Don't give up.


I will be glad to share the email addresses I have, but I ONLY if you PM me and request them. I can't respond to requests posted here because I just won't be able to keep up with it. You must PM me.




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