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Re: Kohl's Success!!

dharalex wrote:

@RW771: This is a very old thread. If I were you, I would go to the OP's individual page and see if he or she is still active on the site. If so, maybe send a private message. Just a thought. I recently did the same thing, and after 2 weeks, I got a response! That was the best message I've received in a loooong time! Good luck!

Yes, I noticed how old the original thread was but I only found one other thread that addressed this info. and sent the OP of that thread a  message as well. I've basically sent 4 GW's to this company and nothing so far, so I thought that maybe if I sent an email or got a hold of someone higher up that maybe I'd have some success with this. I appreciate your suggestion though, I'm definitely going to continue searching since this is the main thing killing me on my CR's. Thanks!


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