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Re: IRS Lien Removal
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In my case I did not ask the IRS to forward the withdrawal notice to the CRAs. They automatically record it at the same place as the lien. TU removed it without asking just from their souces picking pu the Withdrawal recording. I disputed online with EQ since one of their options was, "Lien Withdrawn" among others. However, that just resulted in the original lien release being validated. The problem is that if their vendor doesn't pick up the withdrawal they are unlikely to pick it up on the investigation since it's just another public record and isn't pointed to by the lien or lien release. I called them up, explained they missed the withdrawal and sent them the withdrawal notice. It was removed 2 days later.


Did the same thing online with EX but they took their sweet time, validating the lien release almost a month later. I then mailed a copy of the recorded lien withdrawal as well as the lien and lien release with a cover letter itemizing the doc numbers and titles. Since the county recording numbers are on each of them it makes it easy for them to verify. I only just did that so we'll see how it works out. I'm in no hurry since I'm not going to app for credit until a particular Inq drops off sometime next month.



Don't even bother disputing Liens online. A written dispute with a copy of the Withdrawal Notice and the county document filing numbers for the Lien, Line release (if any), and Lien withdrawal should do the trick.



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