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Re: Santander Repossession Removal, 21 point gain!

I have a repossession in Mar 2010 with Santander and I just recently started the process trying to settle this account. The orginal creditor was with Drive Financial, but Santander bought them out.  I just recently sent them a certified letter asking for them to verify the debt.  I do know I was never contacted after the car was repo'd and have not heard from them since. Right now the balance is the same amout before the repo (appx 12,000).  The amount was never updated after the sell of the vechile. So I do expect that the amount owed is incorrect.  My guess is that they will come back update the balance.  Once they come back how do you suggest I proceed?  I will have about $6k for a one time lump sum to pay it off, but I would rather to to save as much money as possible. Please help