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What I am working on Now

So here is a run down of the baddies on my CR that I am working on this month:


First Premier Bank

DOFD 12/2008

Balance $652.00

Charge Off


Call ed FP to see if they still owned the account and was going to pay Balance down

Said Account had been sold, I said that since account had been sold they should be showing

a zero balance, Rep from FP said to Dispute and they would change balance to 0

that will cut my Util by 49%


Paragon Revenue Group

Med Collection

DOFD 03/2009



Sent PFD


Rhodes, Kelly and Assoc

Med Collection

DOFD 05/2011



Called OC on this one as I haven't have surgery found to be a billing Error

said they would have CA remove from my reports with 7 to 10 days.


JL Watson and DOFD 11/2007

Bonded Collection Agency DOFD 02/2008

DV'd both of them as they are both reporting for the same Account

Hopefully one will come off my reports

Bonded Collection Agency DV came back as Moved, Left no Address

looked them up online found new addy sent DV there.

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