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Re: What I am working on Now AKA Rebuilding Journey

hoping2rebuild wrote:

I find that I can work better and stay focused if I have a journal or log

I am also posting it here so that if anyone has any advice on how to

proceed they can jump in and give me a hand.


Approved for Cap1 Secured Card and put 350.00 on it

Will use it for Mr. Ninny's food and PIF every month before

The "report" date


Getting a Secured card from my bank with

a 300.00 limit will use that for Gas and PIF each

month before "reporting" date


Ordering Scorewatch on 11/28/2011 I sure do miss

the Score Simulator


I will not apply for anymore new credit until 11/25/2012

I hope to have scores up to 725+ buy March of 2013 or sooner


3 DV's going out in the am for:

Asset Acceptance Corp

Trident Asset Management

Fair Collections and Outsourcing


Sending out PFD too:

Absolute Collection Service $128.00


With Trident Asset Management I would do a PIF in you know its your debt.  I called them on the phone had them fax me a letter stating the arrangement (they have a form letter that they can send in seconds) and then pay them because all they really want is the money.

Starting Scores (7/26/2010): EQ 517; TU 508; EX 527 (lender)
Scores Along the Way (11/4/2010): EQ 542; TU 547; (11/8/2010) EX Plus 641
Scores Along the Way: (4/15/2011): EQ 516; TU 622; EX 585 (lender)
Scores Along the Way: (8/25/2011): EQ 617; TU 627; EX 625 (lender)
Scores Along the Way: (11/28/2011): EQ 617; TU 645; EX 667 (lender)
Current Scores: (8/9/2013): EQ 634; TU 662; EX 694 (lender)
Closed on a Home: 12/30/2011 Goal Scores (8/25/2014): 700 club