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Re: What I am working on Now AKA Rebuilding Journey
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PFD accepted for Trident Asset Management will pay that on 12-02 it will be off my CR in 30 days and will also knock 125.00 off my Util Smiley Happy


Mailed 6 more DV's this morning for different accounts found on my (4)EX and (2)TU that were not on my EQ


Mailed 2 Past SOL letters in response to dunning letters for accounts that were in 2002 and 2003


Still waiting on scorewatch to pop up with the 5/2011 collection removed and for the FP to go to ZERO balance(another 652.00 off UTIL)


after the Trident asset and the FP come off my Util that will drop it from 100% down to about 13% Smiley Very Happy


Starting Score: 377EQ/350EX/400TU As of 11/2011
Current Score: 620EQ/614EX/612TU As of 01/2013
Goal Score: 700+ across the boards