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Re: GW group!
Hi everyone!!  I love reading everyone's goals and successes with the GW letters.  I sent out 5 more yesterday.  That was round two.  My main concerns are Sears/Citi, and our local bank (installment loan)  Refi'd the loan in Dec., and no lates since then.  Anybody every have any lucks with their bank?  If I could get these lates removed, we would have no lates within the last two years and could apply for a MORTGAGE!  We have a paid tax lein from 2004, but I'm not too worried about that.  We have a couple of med. collections also and am working on those.  I know OC still has two of these because they sent me a settlement letter in response to my first GW letter for a discounted amount.  Sent them one back offering to pay them Full amount in return for PFD.  Bank should get their letters on Monday, so am anxious about that.   I also need a good address for Wells Fargo Auto Finance, anybody got one?  I heard nothing from my first letter to them.
Hope everybody has great thing waiting for them in their mailbox Monday morning!!!