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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number



Have you heard anything else about these guys?  I've recently paid off all my debt except for my students loans which are now in good standing.  I also have a few goodwill letters to write, but I don't think those creditors will budge.


Unfortunately, Northern Resolution Group placed something on my transunion credit report at the end of last month for $500.  The amount was just reduced to $300. They listed a contact number which doesn't work.  When I did a google search, nothing comes up except for a few comments on random forums.  All of the commenters said that they received phone calls from NRG claiming that they have a debt from a payday loan.  NRG claims that you have to pay by the end of the week or they will take immediate legal action.  What's troubling is that the commenters said that the NRG reps used a lot of personal info as part of their scam.


To be honest, I was close to paying the debt without question if I actually reached a rep when I called.  I was so frustrated because I paid everything off and just got a credit card with Navy Fed.  I'm glad that I did the search because it appears that NRG and a number of companies use personal info and the threat of legal action to scam you.  People also mentioned that NRG doens't respond to requests for proof of the debt and have rename their company several times.


After finding whatever I could about them online, I disputed the tradeline with transunion.  This was on Nov 28th and I'm still waiting for a response.  I'm not sure what I will do if transunion validates the debt because it doesn't even look like the company exists.  And as I mentioned before, I've paid all the debt that I owed except for my student loans.