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Re: What I am working on Now AKA Rebuilding Journey

In a holding pattern now, waiting on GW responses


and 2nd DV letter to Asset Acceptance.


I am still waiting on DV's that were signed for  on 11/22 from 3 CA's hopefully they are just going to delete Smiley Happy


Also waiting to hear back from about 6 PFD's.


Since 11/28 I have gone up 18+ on EQ and 10+ on TU not sure about EX as I


can't get a score and don't wanna  app just yet and EX doesn't like me Smiley Sad


Trident Asset Paid just waiting on it to come off since they send their stuff  through on the 25th.


Keeping my fingers crossed that everyone gets many deletions, gw's and HUGE point jumps for Christmas this year Smiley Happy

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