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Re: NCO GW Success!

Poet34 wrote:

I really appreciate reading success stories of other forum members and how everyone here is so willing to share info regarding the road to rebuilding credit.


I wanted to quickly share a small success story of my own.  On 11/30/10 I emailed a GW letter to NCO regarding a paid collection for $111 from SBC.  I haven't had SBC service since about 2004 and thought I was paid in full when I switched to Vonage.  Unfortunately, apparently I wasn't.  Sometime in 2009, before learning about PFD on, I paid the collection.


After learning about GW letters here in the community, I've started sending GWs for a couple paid accounts.  Yesterday I received a letter from NCO that reads:


Dear Poet34:


Thank you for your inquiry regarding the above-referenced account.  Please be advised that the above-referenced account is closed in our office as settled.


In addition, please be advised that we have contacted the credit bureaus, with which we do business, with our request to delete our listing of the above-referenced account from your credit profile for the social security number we have listed in our records.  Please be advised that NCO Financial Systems, Inc. cannot effect a change to how any other company may have listed the above account on your credit profile.


We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry.


Very truly yours,


Legal Compliance Department



I am actually very impressed to receive such a fast response and immediate action from NCO, especially when this was the very first GW that I sent them.


I sent another GW letter for 2 30 day lates at HSBC and a dispute letter to a CA.  I will give these another week or so to respond and then I will pull scores again and update regarding any changes in my scores.


I found the contact person's name through this forum and would be happy to share it via PM with anyone that would like it.


Thanks again to all contributing forum members.


Happy Holidays!





NCO is pretty easy to work with once paid, they may tell you they cant delete but GW's usually help the process.

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