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Re: What I am working on Now
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Pulled a scorewatch report this morning and I am up 28 points Smiley Happy


strange I didn't get an alert though.


Asset Acceptance was GONE Smiley Happy


Credit One Bank Charge off GONE (Thank you GW letter)


State Collection Service GONE


3 of 4 Paragon Revenue Group Medical Collections GONE


Can't wait to see what the new year brings Smiley Very Happy




TU up +30 Smiley Happy only have one collection left on that report


and will PFD that when I get my taxes back Smiley Happy


Just so pumped up and rejuvinated now that I am seeing some


decent score increases ready to get back at this full steam ahead.


Starting Score: 377EQ/350EX/400TU As of 11/2011
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Goal Score: 700+ across the boards