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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Hi Melprieve,


Just so you know, I disputed with Transunion in late November and the bureau deleted the tradeline a few days ago.  Transunion took the full 30 days to complete the investigation and delete the tradelien.


I had also called NRG when I disputed with Transunion and they knew that I was disputing the debt.  I asked them to validate the debt and I just received a letter from them claiming that the debt is valid.  They said that I owe 500 dollars, but if I pay 300, the matter will be settled.  They also said that the tradeline would be deleted.  The letter was notarized but I'm a little skeptical.  My name and address on the envelope was handwritten. Their return address was not printed on the envelope, but was crookedly-hand-stamped.