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Hey there...  I started reading this forum in June 2008 and have begun the long journey of recovering my credit.  I have decided to log my activity as I take this journey for two reasons.  First, if anyone has suggestions or critiques, I would love to hear it.  Second, if anyone is about to start a similar project, they may learn from my mistakes.
So, here we go!
6-4-2008 - Denied for multiple CC apps, seeking a new gas card.  went online and pulled all 3 fico reports:
EXP - 577    EQU - 530  TRANS - 542
This is when I began reading everything I could on these forums.  I found that much of my report was inaccurate or outright did not belong to me.  I began the dispute process as soon as I had a clear understanding about how it worked.

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3-26-15: FICO EXP: 828 - EQU:820 - TRAN: 828 - AVG: 825 +275 points from JUN 2008 - MY CREDIT JOURNAL