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Submitted dispute letters to all 3 CB's for baddies that don't belong to me.  Started with basic form letters similar to this.  There are many others available in these forums.

June 04, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

After closely examining my Equifax Credit Report obtained on 6/4/2008, I have discovered the following errors:

Problem 1

The current address is incorrectly reported as:


However, I have moved. Please change my current address to:


Problem 2

The following account is not reported as closed by consumer:


Paid collection

However, I have closed this account and repaid everything I owed ON TIME. Please report this account as closed by consumer.

Problem 3

The following account is listed on my report:


Date opened: 11/1999

However, I have never opened this account. It is not my account and it should be removed.

Problem 4

The following public record is listed on my report:

Type: Legal Item
Amount: $1,955
Date filed: Sep 01, 2004
Status: Not Reported

However, I do not have this legal item. Please remove this record from my report.

Problem 5

A collection is listed on my report for a debt on an account that was never mine. The collection is:

The collection agency XXXXXX
was hired by Creditor XXXXXX

to collect debts on Account Number 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Status: Unpaid
Balance: $2,113

Please remove this collection from my report.


I would appreciate your prompt response to these issues.




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