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SUCCESS!!! Honda Finance Removal
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Update 2/2/12 - Just (literally) got a call from American Honda Finance Corp... they are removing the 60 day late AND the charge-off from my credit reports!!! YAHOOOOO!!!!!! I couldn't get to MyFico fast enough! This is great news!


Update 3/8/12 - I do not actively monitor this thread so if you want contact info, send your request to me in a PM. Thanks.


Original Post:

I need a good contact to try a GW from Honda Finance to remove the charge-off on my account.


I missed 2 payments (1 30 day in 2006, 1 60 day in 2009) and there were only like 4 payments left on the acct but I lost my job right then.


Anyways, I made payment arrangements to the CA to pay off the remaining balance, which was complete in Mar 2010. I sent a GW letter in 7/2010 asking to have the negative/delinquent info removed from the CRA. I never heard any response. I noticed today that it is still showing on the CR and plan to send another letter this week.


Is there a better way to get a response. Here is the address I sent it to (from the CR) - 8601 MCALPINE PARK DRIVE, SUITE 230, CHARLOTTE , NC-28211


Here is the info from EQ today:


Type of Account : Installment              Credit Limit:

Term Duration: 60 Months                   Terms Frequency: Monthly

Date Opened: 11/2004                        Balance: $ 0

Date Reported: 04/2010                      Amount Past Due:

Date of Last Payment: 03/2010          Actual Payment Amount: $ 314

Scheduled Payment Amount: $ 463   Date of Last Activity: N/A

Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 04/2010   Months Reviewed: 65

Creditor Classification: Activity Description: Transfer/Sold

Charge Off Amount: $ 941                Deferred Payment Start Date:

Date Closed:                               Type of Loan: Auto

Date of First Delinquency: 11/2009

Comments: Transferred to recovery,

Charged off account

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