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When Sending DV Letter, Use Married Name or Maiden?
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Not sure if this is a dumb question or not, but I'm hoping there's a simple answer.


Recently while checking my Experian credit report I found that Trident Asset Management has put a collection on my CR for $93.  The original creditor is Columbia DVD.   Today I called Columbia DVD and they said that did have an account under my maiden name and an old address from 2005, but couldn't give me any other details.   I have absolutely no memory of having a Columbia DVD account ever, however I do remember having a BMG Music account around that time which I fulfilled my obligations for and closed the account... not sure if they're related.


Anyway...  I'm currently drafting a DV letter to Trident Asset Management.  As of 2009 I've used by married name, but this account is apparently from 2005 (before I was married).  Do I use my married or maiden name  (or both) in correspondence?  Basically I think this collection is bogus and want if off my record, but I don't want it delayed by a name-change/confirming identity issue.  My TU and EQ scores are very respectable and I've worked hard to get them that way, but this collection is really holding back my EX score.







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