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Re: When Sending DV Letter, Use Married Name or Maiden?

Thanks for your reply and for the information, Robert.


No, I never received a dunning notice from Trident, nor have I ever received any bills/notices from Columbia DVD.   I also have been extremely vigilant in updating my personal information with all 3 credit bureaus whenever I have moved, changed employers, and have made sure a current phone number is always on file.  My attention to these details is due to having a purse with my SS Card inside it stolen in 2005 - I also had an alert put on my files with the credit bureaus for about half of 2005 and all of 2006. Since then I have typically checked my TU and EQ reports approx. every 3 months (admittedly I have become lax in checking my EX reports in the last 2-3 years, which is why I'm just discovering this collection today - it says this CA account was opened 3/2010).   Considering my efforts to keep my contact information up to date and accurate these past 6-7 years, I think it's ridiculous that the OC/CA has never contacted me personally regarding this debt.


I suppose Identity Theft is possible.  I will look into the regulations you provided and consider my options.  Thank you.


Truthfully, the weaker side of me is tempted to write a PFD letter, pay the $93, and not go through the waiting and hassle the dispute process seems to involve.  On the other hand, this seems like extortion and I'm FURIOUS that it's so easy for these collection agencies to blemish people's CRs without any contact or proof.

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