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Re: IRS Lien Removal

Listen the IRS has a new "Fresh Start" program.  There are several qualifing factors.  Whether or not the balance is paid, not violating payment agreement, and the balance being between 5k - 10k. Now, if you meet this requirements you should have form 668 (Y); NOTICE OF FEDERAL TAX LIEN.  This is the notice you receive when your Lien has been paid as agreed.  Secondly, if you did not recieve this notice DO NOT PANIC. The IRS has this in your records with them.  Next, if you have succesfully paid your lein, it gets AUTOMATICALLY release.  In my case, it was not.  I file for a certiicate of release and within 30 days, I got it in the mail. Immediately after receiving a certificate of release and a date when it was released you should file form 12277.  WITHDRAWAL OF FEDERAL TAX LIEN.  Each state has an advisory group manager within their IRS federal building that handles this request directly.  THE 1-800 NUMBER DOES NOT HELP YOU WITH THIS PARTICULAR ISSUE. They only can give you your states phone and fax for this request.  Fax form 12277 & form 668 (Z) (certificate of release) to your Advisory Group Mananger. Make sure on form 12277 that you check " in the best interest of the you and the goverment...) I can't remember the exact quote.  You dont have to explain anything in the comment box.  Remember this is a new program which all you have to do is file the paperwork. 


Now the IRS does not necesarily remove the lein from the CR.  The IRS receives your withdrawal request, process it within 30-45 days.  It may take longer if you dont make contact with a Advisory Group manager.  So, after you have faxed this paperwork in, do a follow-up to see if they received it by calling your state's advisory manager.  Your AM will assign you a case manager to deal with you directly.  If you have an immediate need, (i.e job, residency, property, state license etc) express that.  They can set up a legal rep for you to confirm that your lien will/ is being process for withdrawal.  After you've done all this, and it has not been removed from your CR, you just dispute it with the CB.  All the CB will do is check the County Deeds Records to see if your lien information is there or not.  If it is not in there records, the CB will remove it.  If it is still on record, you will just have to wait a little bit until the IRS has finished with their process.  You will receive confirmation of the withdrawal being sucessful or not from the IRS by phone and/or mail.


I'm not sure if the date in which you paid or completed the debt is a factor.  Be it 14 yrs or 14mths, these are the steps that I took and got results within 90 days. Without a lawyer.  Just eye contact!!!  Good Luck, Hope this helped......