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Re: IRS Lien Removal

virgo wrote:


Congress decided that states should adopt the same policies for removal of liens.

The IRS website will guide you through their program and just log onto your states portal for the local guidelines.

The agencies will send withdraw notices to you and the courts.

The fastest way to get removal from the cb's is to fax the doc's to them.

FAX# EXperian- attn Edited to remove personal information 1 972 390 4970. Phone. edited

Transunion- attn Edited to remove personal information 1 610 546 4606. edited

Equifax- attn Edited to remove personal information 1 edited edited

Once you get the doc faxd it will be gone the same day.

Hope this helps.

Care to explain to us what you are specifically talking about??? Your post was very unclear to me at least...

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