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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Hi raggamuffin,



Northern Resolution Group attempted to call me in June of 2011 claiming I owe debt for a cash advance. I said I don't know if that debt is mine and if they can validate it but they threaten me with legal action and hung up. I never hear from them again but than I check my credit report and I see them on my Transunion report. I disputed it with Transunion but they said they verified the debt. I know they use an automated system to see if the debt is yours so that doesnt mean much.


Im wondering if anyone knows how to contact them and what there address is? I followed the link and tried calling 716-317-3077 but it only rings and I get a voicemail of a guy named Doug. I tried calling the phone # listed in my report of 877-847-6680 but that phone # is disconnected. I live in Florida and I checked my states website to see if they are an registered agent and I don't even see them as that. If anyone can help, my question is:


1. If they are not a registered agent in my state can they even collect on the debt? And if not, can I say that to Transunion and would that be enough to get it off my report?

2. Does anyone have a phone # I can call and a address where I can send a debt validation letter so I can do return/reciept so they can prove I even owe this?



Please let me know if anyone can be of an assistance.