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Re: How do I dispute an inquiry??
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If you wish to dispute an inquiry direclty with the person who submitted the inquiry, they can simply dismiss it without any need to respond on the merits.

Issues relating to credit inquiries are specifically exempt from the direct dispute process.  16 CFR 660.4(b)(iii).  Disputes of inquiries are only provided by way of a dispute with the CRA.


Disputing inquiries through the CRA is difficult, primarily because of the way the inquiry process works.

When a party makes a request for a consumer's credit report, they must provide a certification under FCRA 604(f) and 607(a), providing  one or more of the permissible purposes set forth in section 604.

The CRA accepts the truthfulness of such self-certifications, so has their behind covered in providing them your CR.  To challenge the permissible purpose, you must find out what was provided to the CRA, and then challenge its accuracy.  If the CRA simply relies on the submitted certification, they can verify under their own reinvestigation authority.

A real catch-22.


You can submit a request for the certification provided to the CRA by sending the CRA an information request under section 609(a)(1) and (2), which entitles the consumer to any information in their credit file.  Then you would have factual information upon which to challenge accuracy of the inquiry.


Its a long process, and by the time concluded, the inquiry will most likely no longer be included in credit scoring.