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Goodwill Help - Equidata

I have a final paid collection ($132 total, shows as 2 tradelines, but was same account from Cable/Internet/Phone service provider) on my EQ and EX report.  The CA is Equidata.  I paid the debt in full in Sept. 2011.  I sent them a GW letter by mail and email in Oct. 2011.  The only email I can find is their web based fillable form on their website.  I received no response and no results from initial request.  I sent another GW letter by mail and same email method in January, with so far, no response or results.


I plan to call them in the next day or two and see what happens.  If no luck, then send another GW by fax.  The only phone/fax numbers I have is what is published on their website.  I have not had any luck searching for better phone or email addresses.


Does anyone know of a real email address or a backdoor number to call?



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