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Re: Goodwill Help - Equidata

The first link that states the company is out of business, has a different address than the one reporting on my CR.  The second link that shows the business as active has the same address as the one on my CR.  So I figure that the company is still active, but just ignoring me now that they have the account PIF.


I think my next step will be calling their main number and seeing what happens.  If I have no luck, I might try another letter by mail to the CEO or another executive listed on the BBB.  With only 31 total employees, might be hard to come by a backdoor number.  Really wish I could find an email address though.


This won't fall of my CR until 2015, so I don't plan on giving up.  If I can't find another method of contact, they will be receiving regular GW letters from me for the next 3 yrs.


Any suggestions?



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