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Re: Who's responsible for medical debt of child over 18 covered on our insurance?
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FrugalR, I called the insurance company yesterday.  The woman I spoke with said she thought that a child over age 18 would be responsible for their own debt but that she wasn't qualified to give me an answer for certain.  She said I would need to check with medical providers in TN to see who they would count as the person responsible for medical debt of an 18yo covered on insurance.


I've been doing lots of searches on the internet since last night but I get conflicting information.  Half the things I read say that once the child is 18 they are responsible for their portion of medical costs if they're covered under our insurance.  The other half say that if he's on our insurance policy, by default we're the ones responsible for his medical debt and the only way to avoid that is to take him off our policy.


We're really unsure about whether we should keep him on our policy or not.  His mother can cover him on her insurance policy but she says the cost would be prohibitive. 

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