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Re: Who's responsible for medical debt of child over 18 covered on our insurance?

Phoenix-rising wrote:

My stepson turns 18 this month.  We've carried him on our insurance for the past 5 years.  He lives with his mother and while he was a minor we could go to our insurance carrier's website to find out whether he had any medical costs that his mom didn't pay and didn't tell us about.  My husband had problems with medical collections in the past during the year he and his ex went through the divorce.  She lives in TN and we live in LA.


Now that stepson turns 18 we will no longer have the ability to check his medical bills.  He's wreckless and he's into motocross as a hobby so he has to go to the ER on occasion for broken bones, etc.  He never finished high school but he got his GED.  He has no plans to go to college and I don't know whether he has a job at the moment or not.


His mom asked us to continue to carry him on our insurance and I have no problem with that in theory because it doesn't cost us anything extra.  We have a 16yo at home who we still cover under our policy so we will have family coverage for many more years. 


My only concern is that there's nothing to stop him or his mother from writing our names on the medical form as the "responsible party" if he goes to the doctor for treatment.  My husband is one year away from getting rid of the last derog on his credit report.  The last thing we need is to have a medical collection show up on his CR out of the blue.


Does anyone know if we could be liable for his medical bills just because he's covered on our policy?

You have to sign that responsibility form for you to be liable. That was the case with me and my DW. They tried to pin a collection on me and it was not my debt.

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