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Re: Goodwill Help - Equidata

DrJekyll wrote:

After searching and reading through posts, I found one member say they were able to find contact info through  I was able to find a few executive names and emails before being prompted to pay for additional info (very pricey).  Looks like all email addresses are first initial and complete last name follwed by  Names for contacts are free to view, so putting 2 and 2 together should yield quite a few email contacts for free.  Hopefully someone else can use this info for contacting a CA.  If I have any luck with a certain contact, I will definitly post and let everyone know.


Sent an email to the VP for the Collections Division tonight to start, so we will see what happens.

Any luck on this? I'm hoping to have the other one removed, then that would only leave 1 collection on my CR!

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