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Re: Possible PFD response??

Have they actually followed through and placed a dispute flag in your credit file?

There seems to be a growing practice by several debt collectors to treat both DVs  and GW/PFD requests as "disputes."

They are either exceedingly stupid or exceedingly diabolical, wreaking havoc on consumer credit files by placing a dispute flag, which screws up their FICO scoring while in effect.


There are things you can do if they treat it incorrectly as a dispute.  If treated as a direct dispute, there are certain steps they must take to resovle the "dispute."  They dont appear to even being doing that.  They must investigate and either repond back to you within 30 days, either with results of the dispute or a formal holding that it is considered "frivolous or irrelevant."  So it appears that their treatment of it as a "dispute" lacks sincerity from the git-go.