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Ghost collecting coming back from the dead?

I have an old CCARD account with Citi that went bad back in 2005. It went thru the channels, first pursued by Citi, then sold off. DOLA on my end would be around August or September of 2005.  I am in IL, where there is a 5 year SOL, from what I gathered. Eventually, this item has completely fallen off my CR from all 3 bureaus, not even any evidence of having an account with them at all. 


Fast foward to today, and I get a call and letter from a Collection Agency regarding this debt, but I am not seeing any evidence on my CR about this coming back onto it, or about an inquiry that they made to get verification. Any thoughts? Do I send them a DV letter? Do I ignore it entirely, seeing as there is nothing on any of the CR? 


Any thoughts/help would be appreciated. Smiley Happy