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Re: Ghost collecting coming back from the dead?

So what's robably happened is that the debt was sold for pennies on the dollar.  The JDB has subscribed to notifications from the credit bureau and was notified you applied for a mortgage and is trying to use that leverage to get you to pay on the debt.  I had the same thing happen to me with a debt that was discharged in bankruptcy then sold. 


I wouldn't DV the debt.  There's a risk they may put it back (illegally) on your credit report.  So I would send them as strongly worded letter.  Others may disagree but this has worked for me.  What you are trying to do is let them know you know your rights and will enforce them, the goal is not to have an improper report show up in the middle of a mortgage application:


I deny I owe this debt.


The date of first delinquency on any debt I may have owed was more than seven years and six months ago, to attempt to report any claimed debt, especially one which is disputed, is a violation of FCRA. and I will collect daamges from you if you try to do so.


The Statute of Limitations for any debt I may have owed is five years and has run out, so any claim on this debt is unenforceable in court.


Do not contact me further regarding this claim.

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