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Re: Finally my 1st success!! Capital one delete!
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Thanks guys!  Super excited.  I definitely have a boost to keep going now Smiley Wink


annielorie, they are deleting the entire TL from my DH's CR.  He used to have 2 Capital One cards several years ago that went into default.  This one was charged off but still owned by them.  I sent them a PFD offer worth $500 (current balance is $1,700).   For some reason they just decided to delete without payment.  I get to use the $500 toward other debts now.


His second Capital One card might be a different story.  He defaulted on both of them at the same time but for some reason the one that they are going to delete was never sold to a CA.  The other one was sold to Asset Acceptance.  I have sent them a PFD.  If it works then I will GW Capital One.


To those requesting info, I'm sending PMs your way Smiley Happy

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