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Re: Ghost collecting coming back from the dead?

One thing missing in the discussion is the DOFD on the debt.

IF the DOFD was more than 7 years plus 180 days ago, that would explain why it is not in your CR.  And never can be.


Did the OC ever, at any time, report to the CRA after they placed the account for collection?  If so, they were required to have reported the DOFD on their account to the CRAs, and the debt collector is bound by statute to report that same date, period.


I would recommend sending a DV to them for two reasons.  First, it will block further communications with you, and second, bar them from reporting anything to the CRAs until they have provided verification of the debt to you.  While worring about their credit reporting is not necessary if more than 7 years plus 180 days has expired since DOFD, I see no clear evidence of that at this point.  DV them and put that issue to bed, at least for the interim.  I see no reason not to invoke your cease collection bar authority by way of DV.