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Re: Possible PFD response??

Ok, Resurgent is really confusing me.  All I'm trying to do is PFD with them.


After my first PFD letter I got the response above that I shared with you.  Apparently they took it as a dispute.  A few days letter I got a DV letter in the mail from them.  Once I got that I decided to mail out yet another PFD letter.


Well, I got this in the mail:


"Information you provided regarding this account has been forwarded to the Customer Service Department for research.  However, we have been unable to contact you to discuss this account.


If we are unable to establish contact with you within 21 days from the date of this letter, active collection efforts will resume on your account.  If your account is currently being reported to the three major consumer reporting agencies, a request will be submitted to update your tradeline to indicate "account information disputed by consumer" during the next reporting cycle.


Please call us blah blah blah"


What the heck is going on?  I'm the one that has been contacting them via mail so why are they threatening me?  Not once are they mentioning my PFD offer and why on god's green earth are they saying that they will note my account as being under dispute since they just did that after my first PFD letter? 


What should I do?

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