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Re: Possible PFD response??

Lois5669 wrote:

freshstart2012 wrote:



This was the first time we ever heard of Resurgent.  I'm not sure if we heard from them as LVNV in the past though.  If I put in a BBB complaint and for some reason they get deleted via that route, what happens with the OC?  I'm assuming that I wouldn't be able to GW the OC then because a payment was made.  

I'm not sure how GW'ing would work.  Maybe contact the OC (if LVNV loses ownership of the debt) and see if they would work with you in paying it and bringing it current.


Anyone else have an idea on this? 


The OCs on the LVNV's that I got deleted all fall off next year and are well past SOL so I'm just leaving them alone. Sorry, I'm not more help on that question. Smiley Sad

I appreciate any and all replies Smiley Wink 


I think I would just have to let the OC drop in a year or so if it comes down to it.  Heck it looks like I might have to let the CA drop since they are not responding to my PFD.

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