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Re: MCM getting to settle.
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So I thought i would post an update to my situation. I spent roughly a month trying to get be able to talk to the guy that was holding my account and finally I got tired of trying and just quit messing with it. Yesterday I recieved a letter from a lawyer in Arkansas that is taking care of this debt for midland. It wasn't a summons to court as far as I can tell from the letter. It basically told me if you like to disput this debt you have 30 days to mail them a letter asking for validation it also says at the bottom to call if you would like discuss payment options. I was going to mail them anyway to try and buy more time but should I mail them a letter asking about the payment options to the account or just call?


Just another update haha! I went ahead and called and they are a thousand times nicer than midland. They said I could pay 500 settlement or pay 65 a month until paid off. They said I have 30 days to call and see which one they wanted me to do.

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