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Re: Possible PFD response??

Lois5669 wrote:

Just go to the BBB. They are not going to act right.


To file a complaint, google LVNV and BBB. It will bring you to their page/info on the BBB website. There is a link to click to file a complaint. Just tell them all of this that you have put here, especially the marking "disputed" when it's not. Then, you will fill out the resolution you are looking for.


The BBB has experience dealing with this CA so you will get results within a couple of weeks (or less) most likely.


You are going around and around and they are playing games.

I think you're right


What exactly should I say as my complaint though?  I mean, they are responding but at same time not really lol.  Not exactly sure what constitutes a valid complaint through the BBB since I have never done that before.


I think Asset Acceptance is doing the same thing.  I have sent them 2 PFD letters agreeing to their settlement offer, which they keep sending me, if they delete.  Well, they sent me a similar letter like the one Resurgent sent me acting like I'm disputing and how they are noting that on my DH's CR.  Not once did they bring up my PFD or their settlement offer.


Really frustrating.

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