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Re: App itch, sad denials, and a ghostly wage garnishment--BAD WEEK

RecoveringShopaholic wrote:

so with my new credit worthy scores, I thought I'd take the gamble and see if I could get some higher limits out there besided Orchard and Credit One.  Umm...nope!  I tried Walmart and Mazuma CU.  Walmart said you will get a response in 7-10days, called the back door number and got an Im sorry but no from a very nice Indian Peggy.  Mazuma said review necessary.  I thought Yeah!  since I have the bk, they wanted to do an extra review even though they had my good scores. They stated give us 300 and we will give you a secured card, no go on unsecured.  oh well.  lesson learned.  back to letting time pass and I will try again in 6 months. 



OHHH and out the blue, I got garnished!  ha!  Old med bills that werent included in my BK.  they tried to sue me once, but because my bk, they suspended the court date, well I forgot about the date to go back, the guy won the judgment and it took them 6 months to execute the garnishment.  I believe they watched until my bk was discharged.  I got hit 422 bucks out of my ck. I would fight it however, the total judgment was 1000, 2 more hits and Its paid, it will cost me more to fight it.  So Im taking this whipping. 


Its been a rough week.  the road back to life is a bumpy one to say the least. 


good luck all!

Bad weeks will happen.. I am going through the home buying process, and in the past 21 days I had a new collection come up from LVNV, which I had to fight to get deleted, the IRS refused to abate any of my tax penelties and interest so I had to send out 7k to them, and then the state of illinois tax lien I had on my credit, which was listed at $1374, was actually over 3k... lol just gotta take each hurdle as they come, overcome them, and move on to the next until there are no more hurdles.


I am fairly sure there is nothing possible that I could owe now... but I wouldn't be suprised if another one hit before I actually close, because that is just how this has been going Smiley Wink


My only real advice would be, don't app until you are doing or near done repairing.. and don't give up! Smiley Happy


Credit repair is a very REAL process, but you should detach yourself and just tackle it like a game, and once you get your high score, you are the winner Smiley Happy



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