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Re: App itch, sad denials, and a ghostly wage garnishment--BAD WEEK

RecoveringShopaholic wrote:

so with my new credit worthy scores, I thought I'd take the gamble and see if I could get some higher limits out there besided Orchard and Credit One.  Umm...nope!  I tried Walmart and Mazuma CU.  Walmart said you will get a response in 7-10days, called the back door number and got an Im sorry but no from a very nice Indian Peggy.  Mazuma said review necessary.  I thought Yeah!  since I have the bk, they wanted to do an extra review even though they had my good scores. They stated give us 300 and we will give you a secured card, no go on unsecured.  oh well.  lesson learned.  back to letting time pass and I will try again in 6 months. 



OHHH and out the blue, I got garnished!  ha!  Old med bills that werent included in my BK.  they tried to sue me once, but because my bk, they suspended the court date, well I forgot about the date to go back, the guy won the judgment and it took them 6 months to execute the garnishment.  I believe they watched until my bk was discharged.  I got hit 422 bucks out of my ck. I would fight it however, the total judgment was 1000, 2 more hits and Its paid, it will cost me more to fight it.  So Im taking this whipping. 


Its been a rough week.  the road back to life is a bumpy one to say the least. 


good luck all!

Bad weeks will happen.. I am going through the home buying process, and in the past 21 days I had a new collection come up from LVNV, which I had to fight to get deleted, the IRS refused to abate any of my tax penelties and interest so I had to send out 7k to them, and then the state of illinois tax lien I had on my credit, which was listed at $1374, was actually over 3k... lol just gotta take each hurdle as they come, overcome them, and move on to the next until there are no more hurdles.


I am fairly sure there is nothing possible that I could owe now... but I wouldn't be suprised if another one hit before I actually close, because that is just how this has been going :smileywink:


My only real advice would be, don't app until you are doing or near done repairing.. and don't give up! :smileyhappy:


Credit repair is a very REAL process, but you should detach yourself and just tackle it like a game, and once you get your high score, you are the winner :smileyhappy:



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