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Re: App itch, sad denials, and a ghostly wage garnishment--BAD WEEK

RecoveringShopaholic wrote:

Thanks Scott!  Wow when you're thinking that you have it bad...I'm going to take your optimism and hopefully make it my own.  I as well am in the home buying process (albeit very early)  I worried that I didnt have enough open tradelines but im done apping.  My ego cant take the disappointment.  Good luck!

Yeah-- Ego plays a big part in this whole process.. just gotta try to keep it tempered.


I remember when I got this nice big boy job I have now 4 years. I was SO upset when people wouldn't let my buy a car, a home, give me credit.. I had destroyed my credit for years and I remember thinking, well, ya know, I have money now, why shouldn't I be welcomed with open arms?!!??! I had the money to afford a 200k house, a 20k car. Why wouldn't they give it to me?


Then I found out all my fico scores were under 500.... OOPS.


I spent about 18 months doing this now, and I am STILL doing it. Although I am much closer to where I want to be, I still have some baddies, I still have some tendancies to want to go after something I probabaly shouldn't, and I have to obsess over my bills almost daily to keep me on top of them..


This isn't easy. It hasn't been easy.. I will say though, in a narriscistic way, it has been fun. I have loved this challenge from day one...



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