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Re: App itch, sad denials, and a ghostly wage garnishment--BAD WEEK

RecoveringShopaholic wrote:

I swear you're in my biography. Same here, big girl job, low 6 figures and couldnt get a 15k car!  lmbo....Time to put on my big girl panties and put in some more work.  Not giving up! I know i can be over 700 in couple months.  This aint a race most definitely its a marathon.  I hover over bills as well its almost a sick obsession.  I hope its a life change though. Dont ever want this feeling again. 

I agree.. I hope it is a life change too.. At least I know now how the whole game works, how the lenders use the FICO, my finances..


I feel like the time I have spent on this forum has actually put me ahead of most consumers now as what to do and what not to do to make my dreams a reality..


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