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Re: App itch, sad denials, and a ghostly wage garnishment--BAD WEEK

The original court date I appearred at it was rescheduled for 60 days because I was in a chapter 13, and a portion they were suing for was included, another portion was about to hit the 7 years and the final portion was legit. Although I had been paying the hospital, apparently I had over 9 separate accounts, I thought I was paid up from the portions not IIB (I had a baby who was sickly).  Well, this savy lawyer, rolled it all into one case, I had it continued to dispute portions, there was a separate date scheduled.  But I forgot due to the fact that I am a single mom, work full time, and am a full time student. At that meeting the attorney got a judgment for everything not included which was 800 bucks plus 9% interest.  total 1000k.  So it wasnt totally out the blue.  He sat on the judgment until my bk was discharged (so I couldnt roll it in) and then filed the garnishment with my employer.  I didnt realized they executed a garnishment otherwise i would have just paid the hospital directly. (tip--doing this in a med collection, gets rid of all the interest and fees because the hospital will not go back and validate the debt for the attny).  Its a mess of my own doing.  I dropped the ball.  but at this point why fight it.  It will be paid off by the time I get a real court date to stop it, and why pay an attorney 500 to stop it, when Ive already been garnished for 1/2.  oh well.... live and learn.  This was the only bill left outstanding...that I know about.  I hope.


Thank you all for the support...This is so therapeutic.  Sometimes just too embarrased to tell family or friends the real deal.  Something to be said about anonymity. 

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