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Can someone explain the mystery Discover AU reporting to me?

Okay, so I am in a fairly seriously relationship with my Girlfriend and we're looking to buy some major things together later this year. I asked her if she would mind me being on her Discover card so I could share the history, balance, CL, etc. She agreed and we went online to do it. The ONLY thing discover wanted was a first and last name (presumably for the new CC to be sent out). I have read countless posts about AUs being added to boyfriend/girlfriend accounts. However, my concern is that her and I share nothing in common as far as credit report aside from being in the same state.


So my question is, how in the world does discover take my name from her application (keep in mind my common first name and very common last name) and tie it to my credit report? The big posters (llecs, et. al) have said they do post. This is still mind boggling.


Bonus Question: I'm alread an AU user on a family members Capital One account, I have my own Capital One CC and I'd like to be an AU on my girlfriend's Capital One. Is this possible? Does Capital One (or any CC company for that matter) have a policy on how many accounts you can be on/have?





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