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Re: Outlined HIPAA Process?

FrugalRican wrote:

I have a co-worker who is trying to get a consolidation loan to get all her credit cards to 0, get rid of her ghastly interest payments on those cards and just funnel everything into one monthly payment.


Unfortunately, she had a medical collection pop up on her account last year.

She thought she had gotten the OC to agree to delete. They didn't, they just switched to "Paid as Agreed in Full" (or whatever they label it as).


I don't know too much about the HIPAA process, and I've tried using the search function within the forums to find a specific post that maybe has the steps to it.


Can anyone provide a link or basic information on what she should do next?
It's her only collection left on her report and she wants to get this taken off. Is this possible through the HIPAA process?

I have no experience with this at all, so any help, links, info, outlines are greatly appreciated.

I'm a HIPAA expert! Smiley Wink I got 7 unpaid collections deleted off my three reports! check your inbox for more info! Smiley Happy


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