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(First Time Poster) I Have 3 Paid in Full Collection Accounts. Please Give Guidance on First Steps



I am grateful to have found this forum.  I was searching for credit attorneys when this forum came up in the Google search results.  After reading a lot of what you all have written, I've decided that I am going to go about the credit repair by myslef.


From my reserach on here, it looks like negative items can be removed from my report as long as they've been paid.  Well, that's my situation, 3 negative items that have all been paid off.


COMCAST CABLE/CMI COLLECTIONS-  $250 debt (put on my report 4 months ago.  Paid off entirely 2 months ago.


Healthcare Company-  $90  (put on my report 5.5 years ago.  Paid off 5.5 years ago.  They put it on my report.  3 days after it was on my report they gave me a call and I paid it immediately.  I wish they would have called me previously but oh well.)


Questar Gas/Utility Company- $140


This one is a little trickier.  They gave the bill to the Collections Agency.  The Agency then gave it to an Attorney and I was given papers to show up to court.  Luckily, I got the money in time so I was able to pay the initial bill and late fees and any other fees that kept it out of court.


(Went on my report in September 2011.  Paid everything off in November 2011.)


Then I have a few late credit card payments...



However, the problems have done a number on  my credit going from a score of 680 to a score of 522.  And I thought 680 was bad before.  WOW!



Anyway, it's time to start the rebuilding process.



Do I contact the Credit Bureaus first and dispute the negative information since it has been already been paid?

Or do I contact the creditor and the collections agency, or one or the other?


We're moving into a new apartment in a couple of months and I am worried that our application will be rejected because of my low credit score.  Please help this newbie out.








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