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Re: (First Time Poster) I Have 3 Paid in Full Collection Accounts. Please Give Guidance on First S

Hi Shaun2012,


Just thought I would drop in and say Welcome to the forums.


FICO scoring sees a Paid CA the same as an Unpaid CA, no score change by paying the debt. But looks great on a manual review.

Agree with prior posts, with sending a  short & sweet G W letter, asking for a removal of the CA.


A new/recent debt with a CA can hurt a score by 80-90points. Ouch. By new/recent, I mean the DoFD of the debt was recent, not an old debt that was recently reported by a CA. Debts with CA's hurt most in the beginning, then hurt less and less as time goes on.


You may or may not see a score jump by having a CA deleted, it depends on how old the debt is.You may see more of a score jump , by having a recent debt deleted, older debts the jump isn't that much if any. Good Luck to you!!Smiley Wink


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