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Re: Collection reporting lates

RobertEG, can you tell me if this would cause a score drop?


DH had a Verizon residential account that charged off in 2009 and was paid on 10/27/11 and shows a zero balance on all reports. DH's Equifax score was 606 March 19, 2012 and when we checked again on April 18, 2012 it had gone down to 581 because of a recent delinquency. The negative indicator said the most recent late payment happened a month ago. We checked the reports and found Verizon reported a collection in January and another one in March. There were no other late payments. We contacted Verizon and after speaking to a few people we finally got someone who understood what the problem was. He said he would send a request to have the payment history deleted. Would that get the points back that were lost?



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